Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014

In this post, ill discuss my video schedule and talk about the future of the channel.

The schedule is subject to change but this is how it is now.

  • Sunday- Possible Video
  • Monday-Blog
  • Tuesday-Possible Blog
  • Wednesday-Possible Blog
  • Thursday-Possible blog
  • Friday-Blog
  • Saturday-Video
The minimum videos are one per week, and three blogs a week. I'll give a notice ahead of time if things won't go with the schedule.

Now, this Summer will be one that should be wunderbar for the channel. I get more time for editing, filming, and a chance to talk to subscribers....... all forty two of them....

Anyway, before Summer I'd like to atleast hit 45 if not 50. I know that getting 43 is amazing by my standards so just getting that would be great too. Well, time to just sit back and watch Robbaz's newest Sims 3 video.

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