Thursday, August 13, 2015

New PS4 Incoming! Also, UPDATE!

Let's do this thing! A new game system for me to screw around with for when  #Fallout4 comes out! Can't wait! So while we wait, I'll give some updates regarding my channel!

-My video production is restricted to the few and far between streams. They'll be chopped up and posted to the gaming channel.

-Since my laptop cannot handle gaming, I'm working on simple commentary videos. I've already made a channel with a video already posted! The first video of the new channel is stupid, short, and awkward. Wanna see it? The actual channel can be found here.

-I was saving up for a new computer, but I wanted a PS4 instead. Don't like that? Bite me.

-My Tumblr is inactive.

-My Twitter is still active.

-My Twitch streams are few and far between.

-My Google+ community has been dead since the beginning of time.

Well that's about everything. Peace out guys!

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