Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I'll just ignore how my post with a German title actually got attention than anything else. Also, thank you +BogKawLicious for making me realize I should do a little bit of a multilingual style of writing. All I have to say to that: Sehr gut, I mean anything is worth a try!

On the status of my videos, I got a brilliant idea: the Cry of Fear video will actually be sped up, probably compressed into 10 seconds, just to show how little progress I made.

I'm still deciding whether or not to just scrap the "Dead Linger" video. Nothing interesting happened and the game had major Frame rate problems. You could barely hear me anyway. Not a huge loss!

I'll also work on the microphone. As of now, I'm working on gathering enough money to buy a Blue Yeti microphone or something.

That should be it for about now. I might try to do an update blog every time something comes up. Until then, tschüß!

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